Achieve A Vibrant High Tech Future With Cloud Solutions

More and more businesses are moving mission-critical business operations to cloud-based solutions every day. 

In Singapore, this shift has been a years-long endeavour. Many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are realizing the benefits of cloud-based applications and infrastructure services in comparison to on-premise data centres. These benefits include:

  • The elimination of upfront investment costs for data centres 
  • A reduction of personnel costs for data centre management
  • The flexibility of scaling cloud infrastructure usage and paying for services on an ongoing basis
  • Built-in maintenance and security services to protect data and applications

Singapore’s government has sent a strong message to the business community about the efficacy of cloud-based solutions by dedicating hundreds of millions of dollars to migrate government systems to commercial cloud-based solutions. The move is part of a five-year cloud migration program that began in 2018. 

In June 2020, the government also increased its information communications technology (ICT) spending by 30 percent — in part to help SMBs recover from the pandemic’s economic effects. The government has also allowed SMBs to take part in up to 80 percent of available procurement opportunities.   

Operational Challenges

But, too often, SMBs lack the knowledge and capacity for digital transformation. And, while a recent Cisco report found that Singapore-based SMBs are the most “digitally mature” in the Asia-Pacific region, the same report found that Singapore-based SMBs also struggled with recruiting the necessary talent to facilitate digital transformation.

This knowledge deficit provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) a tremendous opportunity for attracting new clients and helping current clients scale up their IT infrastructures. 

In 2020, remote work and e-commerce sales exploded. 

A recent study estimates that more than 95% of Singaporean firms have some employees working remotely at least part time. In addition, the Southeast Asian e-commerce sector, valued at approximately $5.5 billion a mere five years ago, is worth an estimated $38 billion today

Many pandemic-fueled increases in technology use may recede somewhat as countries implement mass vaccination programs. However, given the digital economy’s growth in 2020, the work-at-home movement isn’t going away anytime soon.

Your clients will need the flexibility to scale their IT operations, safeguard their data, and manage their IT functions more effectively. For SMBs to thrive, digital technology is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

As a result, demand for cloud-based technologies among SMBs, government organizations, and non-profits will remain strong for the foreseeable future.   

Cloud Migration

There are still SMBs that haven’t yet fully embraced cloud-based solutions to support their brick-and-mortar or e-commerce operations. Many fear the complexity involved in making the transition. 

Others may also be concerned about upfront investment costs. Meanwhile, some may have tried to shift to a cloud-based solution but failed in the effort.

However, managing internal legacy systems or cobbling together multiple solutions from different vendors often proves more costly and creates significant data security challenges. 

In contrast, SaaS cloud solutions can save your clients substantial money compared to the costs of managing their own data centres.  

Your clients may be more willing to transition if you can provide all-in-one solutions with simple management interfaces. Cloud networking solutions like the NebulaFlex Hybrid Switch can help SMB staff easily manage their cloud network through a simple dashboard that allows them to view and control networked devices no matter their physical location.

WiFi Connectivity

Post-pandemic, expect the demand for remote work technology to remain substantial. Still, with many firms signalling or announcing their plan to keep some or all of their employees working remotely, SMBs must have robust business wireless networks in place to keep employees connected.

You can help your clients implement fast and reliable WiFi access with products like the ZYXEL NWA1123ACv3 802.11ac Wave 2 Dual-Radio PoE Access Point, which uses WPA3 security standards with powerful encryption and authentication measures to safeguard client networks. 

And, if your clients are looking to upgrade to 11ax (WiFi 6), look no further than the NWA110AX — an affordable Dual-Radio PoE Access Point that can be managed in tandem with other ZYXEL cloud-based networking products or as a standalone device.     

As employees in Singapore and worldwide continue to telecommute at unprecedented rates, firms must remain vigilant in protecting their data. Cybercriminals increased their efforts to compromise corporate computing networks during the pandemic. So, remote working environments present significant data security vulnerabilities. 

You can use a solution like the USG Flex Firewall — a bundled subscription service that allows clients to mitigate online security threats — to help your clients secure their data. 

Zyxel Nebula is a cloud security gateway that acts as a sentinel between users and malicious threat actors. It enforces an organization’s security and legal policies and filters compromised code to prevent them from infecting internal MSP networks.

How Go Nimbus Can Help 

Go Nimbus, an authorized provider of ZYXEL’s full cloud stack, can help you provide your clients with the technology solutions they need. We provide the hardware, software, and support services needed to make sure your customers can run their business operations effectively and securely in the cloud. Go Nimbus can:

  • Schedule timely firmware updates to all devices from the access point. 
  • Ensure that the latest vulnerabilities are patched with minimal downtime & loss of productivity
  • Respond quickly to events on client devices

We’ve also had great success working with commercial property managers to deploy cloud-based WiFi and surveillance network solutions to make network management easy and secure. Read a case study here.

If you’re an MSP in need of best-in-class WiFi, switches, and gateways for your clients, check out our catalogue here. Contact us today, so we can get your clients the solutions they need.