WiFi with Smart Antenna

Smart antenna on ZYXEL wireless access point scans for clients & interference. Within just 100 milliseconds, ZYXEL intelligent algorithm selects from 700+ optimized antenna patterns for each client to avoid interference.

Wireless performance can be therefore greatly improved in a spectrally noisy environment.

ATP Firewall - Going Beyond Conventional

“58% malware attack victims are SME.”

Conventional techniques used in Unified Threat Management (UTM) provide an essential layer of protection however, they rely on identifying known indicators of attack.

Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) goes beyond these methods by building on top of conventional techniques to provide protection against more sophisticated zero-day threats.


Complete Switching Portfolio

Nebula Cloud Controller enables simple deployment with agile management from cloud, allowing efficient network provisioning such as multiple ports configuration all at once.

Enterprise grade hardware design applies from unmanaged to L3 managed switch, benefiting businesses regardless of size.


Hope to prioritize traffic and improve WAN performance between multiple sites without investing heavily into MPLS?

Nebula Orchestrator continuously measures all available WAN links to establish best quality connection. System will seamlessly swap to an alternative path if issues were detected in the original path.