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Providing networking solutions that connect people and devices together.
At Go Nimbus, we pride ourselves on being a reliable and value-added partner for IT system integrators in Singapore. As a distributor for Zyxel solutions for business and Aiello Voice assistant for hotels, we provide innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.

What We Do

With our quick-to-market solutions, personalised services and innovative products – we help businesses navigate the unending chaos of tech and cyberspace.

Secured Wired & Wireless Network

First full-stack cloud networking solutions for SME / SMB. State-of-art software & hardware design gives top reliability & flexibility to partners, manageable from multi-tenancy account. WiFi 6 & Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) delivers performance & security, providing end user with a peace of mind.
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Conversational AI Solution for Contactless Interactions with Hospitality Guests

Our AI Assistant, specially created for the hotel industry, uses voice and Machine learning base NLP technology to create new interactions with guests and provide enhanced services. With data-driven back-end services, our assistant provides valuable insights for hotels to better understand their guests and streamline their operations.
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Zero Trust Network Access Made Simple

Create a secure virtual network between all users, networks, clouds, and on-prem resources. Get started in 10 minutes. Scale easily. 100% cloud zero-trust network access solution designed for small and medium businesses.
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Phishing Simulation & Security Awareness Training Solution

Improve Network Security by Educating Last Line of Defence: Your Human Firewall
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