Geo Enforcer

Network Security

More security for your business network with less management time required

How does Geo Enforcer work?

In its most basic application, Geo Enforcer identifies the country of origin of incoming traffic by examining its IP address. If the country is one you’ve chosen to filter, the firewall denies access—protecting your network. You can also block specific high-risk agents or internet service providers.

ZyWALL's Geo Enforcer provides GeoIP mapping information

  • Mapping IP addresses to the source or destination of attack traffic
  • Binding with security policy
  • Filter traffic and internet access to or from specific countries


Stronger security

Cybercriminals look for loopholes in cybersecurity systems and exploit networks’ open ports—they want to find a weakness in your security network and use it to enter your system unseen. Geo Enforcer creates a secure environment by blocking unnecessary incoming traffic.

Geo-based IP services make management easier & more precise

Geo Enforcer uses IP address locations to monitor traffic and analyze log data in order to create a GeoIP database, which translates IP address into geographical mapping and denies access to unnecessary or potentially dangerous incoming traffic.

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