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Protect Your Email with Next Level Security

Protect Your Email with Next Level Security

A cloud-based service designed to protect organizations from spam, malware, and phishing while ensuring uninterrupted email communications. Zyxel Cloud Email Security (CES) provides worry-free email communication for your SMB with the best threat catch rates in the industry and “SaaS simple” administration.

Email Protection for Your Company

To achieve the highest possible level of protection, Zyxel combines multiple detection technologies that together, offers an optimum threat protection.


Industry-leading protection against “zero hour” outbreaks and known viruses, worms, and trojans sent through email. New malwares are identified immediately when it first appears.


Users have continuous, instant protection against compromises of their corporate accounts by hijacked websites, “zero-hour” phishing attacks, and fake URLs masquerading as legitimate websites.


CES anti-spam capabilities offer filtering and email categorization based on ‘fingerprint’ comparisons, enabling precise differentiation between unwanted spam and legitimate bulk emails such as newsletters.

Threat Intelligence Powers The Email Security

Being a cloud service, security will always be up to date. Zyxel CES operates a comprehensive, cloud-based security threat intelligence network that processes over 25 billion daily transactions and blocks up to 300 million threats per day on security cloud platform.


Blocked Threats Daily


Security Transactions Daily

Same Email Infrastructure with More Safety

Zyxel’s Cloud Email Security allows you to keep existing infrastructure with zero maintenance. It is easy to reduce management overhead and eliminate IT admin resources usage, all while increasing productivity and lowering operational costs.

Respond Faster with Web Management

Zyxel’s Cloud Email Security provides complete management dashboard for IT admins to easily monitor and manage with real-time logging and reporting analysis of user and mailbox behaviors to identify anomalies that point to a possible threat.


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Specification and License

Management, visibility & reporting

  • Global cloud multi-service platform
  • Web management console with role based admin
  • Granular policy management
  • Personal quarantine (30 days)
  • Real-time logging and reporting
  • Active Directory integration


Inbound protection

  • DDoS infrastructure protection
  • Anti-spam, anti-malware, anti-phishing
  • Malware outbreak protection
  • Attachment control by file type
  • Forged email address detection with SPF (security policy framework) and DKIM (Domain keys identification Mail)
  • Support encrypted SMTP (SMTP/TLS, SMTP/Start TLS) email scanning

Zyxel CES provides you with maximum flexibility. You can choose 5, 10, 25, and 50 users of mailboxes licenses to best suit your needs. You can easily change by quarter once your demands change.

Model Name Type Part Number
LIC-CES 5 Users - Standard 3 months license LIC-CES-ZZ0001F
LIC-CES 10 Users - Standard 3 months license LIC-CES-ZZ0002F
LIC-CES 25 Users - Standard 3 months license LIC-CES-ZZ0003F
LIC-CES 50 Users - Standard 3 months license LIC-CES-ZZ0004F

All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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