Application Patrol

Network Security
Categorize and Manage the Network Application Usage

Today’s networks are under attack from an ever-expanding array of threats. As the future of work is flexible and remote work is here to stay, managing employees who waste too much time on non-work related applications can be a major challenge for businesses. Administrators face losing not only security risk, but productivity and network bandwidth to unrestricted Internet use.

Granular and Precise

Identifies and controls thousands of applications and its behavior

Flexible Bandwidth

Control mode including prioritize, bandwidth management (BWM) and block

Unified Application Visibility and Control

As we begin to advance and bring in more sophisticated devices into Nebula Cloud, the major license service updates of application patrol include: clearer analysis report from client point-of-view, instantly application report display and various category list.

More than 3700 applications are categorized in different labels such as antivirus, media streaming, social network, advertising and more. The block/unblock and speed limit action buttons are added in the Site-wide Application monitoring page. Nebula users can view all the applications that are currently used in the network for easy management and take immediate action to protect the network when necessary.

See device monitoring and configuration updates on Nebula Control Center

How It Works

Continuous strengthening and precise categorization

Zyxel Application Patrol is designed to provide the layer 7 application management, categorize covers the well-known network applications such as social, gaming, productivity, and other web applications and behaviors. Zyxel database supports over thousands of applications and its behaviors, along with the growing and ever-changing applications, our operate work with the repeating collect, analyze and Inspect verify flow cycle.



Automatically Prioritize, Throttle and Block Applications

Zyxel Application Patrol provides up to 25 categories, thousands of applications and its behavior, utilizes the DPI engine, enabling administrators to identify and categorize applications while allowing businesses to customize management protocols based on specific applications and behaviors.


  • Advertising
  • Adult Content
  • Antivirus
  • Application Service & Store
  • Database Tools
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Files Sharing
  • Games
  • Instant messaging
  • Mail and collaboration
  • Media Streaming
  • Microsoft Office
  • Middleware
  • Network Management
  • Network Protocols & Services
  • News
  • Others
  • Printer
  • Peer to Peer (P2P)
  • Remote access terminals
  • Routing
  • Security Protocols & Services
  • Social Network
  • Telephony (VoIP)
  • Tunneling
  • Web Services

Boost Bandwidth Efficiency and Staff Productivity

In addition to filtering and classifying data, the application can establish blocks or traffic quota control policies, giving priority to productive applications and throttling acceptable network traffic, while simultaneously blocking unapproved applications, thus boosting productivity and preventing bandwidth abuse.

Application Diagram

Single Click Buy and Renew Zyxel License Online

Zyxel Circle & Marketplace platforms are designed to transform the way you do business. Now you can easily buy and renew Zyxel licenses with just a single click from our online stores. We offer clear status of your service and give you intuitive automatic license activation after your purchase. For more advanced client management features, Circle is a simpler way for our partners to manage and grow their business.

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Specification and License

A bundle license consists of multiple services that are grouped together. They are designed for your best convenience when you need to ensure your network is empowered with holistic functionality such as seamless threat protection or full connectivity features. Pick the right bundle and there is no more hassle.
Gold Security Pack UTM Security Pack Content Filter Pack 3 in 1 UTM Security Pack 2 in 1 Nebula Security Pack
Web Filtering/Content Filtering
Application Patrol
Email Security/Anti-Spam
Reputation Filter
Security Profile Sync
Collaborative Detection & Response
SecuReporter Premium
Connectivity & Management
Network Premium
Secure WiFi
Hotspot Management
Concurrent Device Upgrade
Nebula Professional Pack
Nebula Plus Pack
The IPS and App Patrol service would be offered for free
Pack Purchasing Options:
  • Secure WiFi
  • Hospitality Pack incl. Hotspot Management and Concurrent Device Upgrade
  • Nebula Professional Pack
  • Nebula Plus Pack

*Network Premium service is not supported in cloud mode





  • Smart single-pass scanning engine
  • Identifies and control thousands of applications and their behaviors
  • Support up to 25 application categories
  • Granular control over the most popular applications
  • Prioritize and throttle application bandwidth usage
  • Real-time application statistics and reports

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