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E-mail is the most common method and starting point of attacks aiming at organizations. Anti-Spam detects and filters spam e-mails with comprehensive, multi-layered protections.

E-mail is an indispensable form of communication that has made its way into every aspect of our modern lives. However, statistics show that more than 70 percent of all e-mail is spam, and more than 90 percent of spam carries some form of malware. To defend against spam, malware, and phishing attacks, it is essential to deploy effective anti-spam technology. With that in mind, Zyxel Anti-Spam leverages a cloud-based pre-perimeter defense system to protect your e-mail from malware.

Zero false positives

Global detection from a patented content and language agnostic solution.

Far reaching coverage

Identify spam regardless of language, format, or content of the message.

High-quality protection

Global Cloud gathers billions of Internet messages daily to keep the analysis precise.

A Multi-Layered Scan Engine to Spam Detection

Zyxel Anti-Spam utilizes several techniques to filter E-mail, detecting on both SMTP and POP3 packets through local rules and a real-time cloud database. It will not miss any spam mail filtered through our multi-layered scan engine.

Zyxel Anti-Spam can be enabled with the following layers of inspection to ensure the effectiveness:

  • White list
  • Black list
  • IP reputation
  • Mail content
  • Virus outbreak

Effective Zombie Defense

A zombie network is a compromised computer system that can be remotely controlled by a hacker. The Zombie system is often used to send out spam, phishing attacks, and virus-laden emails. If your network has been compromised in this manner and it goes undetected, it is very possible that your organization’s IP address – the one used by the Zombie to send spam – could be blacklisted. Potentially, harmless e-mail from your organization’s IP address would be blocked as your IP address is on one or more blacklists.

Zyxel Anti-Spam service protects your email server’s IP reputation by detecting and stopping zombie-generated outbound spam, phishing, and virus e-mail. The global view database and cloud-based detection also provide the real-time security to defend against zombie attacks.

Flexible Administrator Control

Zyxel Anti-Spam service not only detects and filters out spam and malware-carrying messages. Our Smart Report function will tag e-mail messages to warn end-users that the mail may be spam or malware in case an important message that was inadvertently infected. Network administrators can also set custom rules for filtering e-mail and decide how messages will be processed.

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