See How Stunning Zyxel Nebula Updates Are Transforming Telecommuting

Today, secure, high-speed Wi-Fi access and cloud networking solutions provide a key competitive advantage in a fast-paced marketplace.

Yet, many businesses still rely on legacy systems that must be managed through multiple interfaces and that present glaring cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Even when a business commits to digital transformation, IT departments find it a challenge to deploy the right cloud and networking solutions.

The ZYXEL Difference

Today, many networking solutions exist on the market. However, they don’t provide the flexibility, security, and ease of use businesses need. In addition, they fall short in providing consistent, high-quality connections for multi-site commercial properties, industrial buildings, and institutions of learning.

However, businesses of all sizes can easily and securely manage their communications and networking needs with ZYXEL Nebula’s full-stack technology solution.

With an integrated network of access points, switches, and firewalls that can be seamlessly managed from a single interface, Nebula’s cloud and network portfolio provides businesses with the solutions they need. Our products are tailored to meet the needs of multi-site companies, which require standardised equipment and configurations at multiple locations.

Zyxel switches are particularly suited for large premise on-site surveillance. With their proven performance and reliability, our switches often surpass those by Cisco in terms of project TCO (total cost of ownership). Essentially, we deliver Tier 1 brand quality & performance at a Tier 2 cost.

Key Features in Nebula’s Full-Stack Solution

By leveraging Nebula’s full-stack solution, customers enjoy:

  • End-to-end network management
  • Unified and centralised control and visibility
  • Secure remote network access
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Scalability and flexibility to adapt to changing business needs
  • Integrated security measures, including Collaborative Defense and Response (CDR)
  • Lower total ownership costs

Nebula helps MSPs provide the computing infrastructure, security, and flexibility their clients need. Over 700,000 businesses in 150 global markets rely on ZYXEL Nebula’s award-winning solutions to standardise, optimise, and secure their networks. And, yours can benefit, as well.

Integration and Ease of Use

With Nebula’s subscription-based packages, you can control various compatible access points, switches, and firewalls from a single dashboard. The Nebula Control Center (NCC) gives you full data visibility for any device on your network, provides granular data about your network’s health, and allows you to monitor multiple sites in real-time.

High-Speed Wireless Provision

Your business clients rely upon high-speed wireless access, which Nebula provides through its WiFi6 Access Points. For example, our WAX650S WiFi6 Access Point provides clients with Secure Wi-Fi that supports CDR (Collaborative Detection & Response).

It provides a maximum data rate of 3.55 Gbps and comes equipped with a ZYXEL Smart Antenna that continually monitors your network and optimises every connection.

Each access point is designed for durability and longevity and can be managed easily through the NCC. We also provide other WiFi6 Access Point models that can support a variety of network needs.

Greater Network Security

Businesses and MSPs can strengthen their network security with the USG FLEX firewall, now supported in Nebula. USG FLEX models range from the FLEX100, ideal for companies with fewer than 20 end users, to the FLEX700, which supports up to 200 end users. Regardless of capacity, USG FLEX capabilities include:

  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • App control
  • Anti-malware and email security features
  • User profile synchronisation
  • Zero-touch provisioning

The Power of USG FLEX

Integrated with other Nebula solutions, the USG FLEX also supports CDR. When a network threat is detected on any connected device, the threat will be blocked or quarantined to minimise network damage.

Network configurations can easily be replicated at different locations. Moreover, the USG Flex’s VPN Orchestrator allows you to move beyond the default site-to-site VPN architecture and develop the architecture that fits your needs best, such as:

  • Hub and Spoke
  • Area Communication (AC)
  • Site-to-Site or Hub and Spoke AC
  • Multiple VPN Topologies
  • Group-wide VPN with Areas

Using the USG FLEX, you can easily provision Access Points that you deploy in remote locations and create direct tunnels to your corporate network. By providing the same VLAN to remote and off-site workers, your entire workforce can access your network without compromising network security. And at any time, you can monitor the network activity and usage of any connected device, whether it be a remote worker’s laptop or a fulfilment centre worker’s tablet.

Getting Started With ZYXEL Nebula

Go Nimbus is a trusted provider of ZYXEL Nebula solutions. We work with businesses and MSPs to identify, deploy, and integrate the technologies they need. 

If your organisation is ready for digital transformation, our team can provide the reliable high-speed data, security applications, and networking solutions you need. Contact us to get started today!