Guaranteed: One Way to Build a Multi-Gig Network That Will Get Results

Do you manage on-site meetings, classes, training sessions, or corporate events that integrate online presentations? Or, perhaps you’re planning the logistics for a public event that incorporates smartphone use. Meanwhile, if you’re running a business, you’ll need to ensure your employees can access your data and systems in real-time. 

Your business or organization needs multi-gig WiFi to meet your high density and high-speed needs. When servicing high-density sites with traditional networking options, you’ll find it a challenge to provide all users with consistent high-speed access, with some users experiencing relatively higher latency than others. However, with multi-gig networks, you can improve your connection speeds and prepare your business to support emerging technologies that require higher bandwidth.

Who Needs High-Speed, High-Density WiFi

Today, businesses, event organizers, schools, commercial property managers depend on fast WiFi that’s accessible to many users simultaneously.

For example, warehouse operators must provide Internet access free of RF interference. In this matter, value-added distributor Go Nimbus continues to provide high-speed multi-gig WiFi for warehouses across Singapore. By using the WAX650S smart antenna, Go Nimbus can eliminate dead spots while accounting for fluctuating operating conditions. Meanwhile, multi-gig Zyxel access points provide the capability to incorporate high-bandwidth IoT usage without replacing the current cabling infrastructure.

For mall operators, the ability to provide WiFi to multiple users on multiple devices, each needing varying levels of bandwidth, is critical. Operators and their commercial tenants must have access to analytics from a well-managed network to gain valuable marketing insights about mall visitors.

Of course, there are many more scenarios in which you’d need a multi-gig solution, such as concerts where audience members live stream simultaneous events or schools that integrate technology into their daily instruction.

Apartment property managers and hotel operators also rely on multi-gig solutions to provide tenants and guests with the high-speed access they need. Thus, to meet the needs of today’s consumers or clients, you need a reliable multi-gig solution.

Why Multi-Gig Connectivity Is Critical

Traditional WiFi connections are no longer adequate to support today’s end-user. The conventional method of adding LAN points to your PCs can become quite expensive, given your device volume.

However, multi-gig networking allows you to use just a single LAN point for multiple clients, providing speeds of 2.5 or 5 Gbps on your existing copper cable, which saves you cabling costs. 

These higher speeds are needed to ensure that employees can work on data-rich applications simultaneously or that multiple hotel guests can stream videos on their tablets simultaneously.

Using a multi-gig solution can help you maximize your bandwidth to meet these needs without replacing your cabling or having to combine multiple connections through link aggregation. Building a multi-gig solution with access points that provide high-speed connections and switches that can keep up with these speeds is the right strategy for today’s system administrators.

The Benefits of Multi-Gig for Your Business

Building a multi-gig network also allows you to future-proof your business. Virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, IoT, and other innovations already require substantial bandwidth, and future commercial and consumer applications of these technologies may consume even more.

As these technologies evolve, you’ll need the bandwidth to allow end-users to access them. Doing so can mean providing better, differentiated service over the competition and allowing your business to enjoy low latency during critical production periods. 

In addition, investing in multi-gig infrastructure can help you position your business or organization to grow exponentially in the future.

Why the WAX650S Is the Right Solution

If you’re looking for the ideal solution to provide your facility with 5GB-Ethernet or WiFi 6-level speed, look no further than ZYXEL’s WAX650S. This 802.11ax (WiFi 6) Dual-Radio Unified Pro Access Point provides fast and consistent Internet connections to multiple devices.

It’s ideal for businesses and organizations with a high density of end-users. The WAX650S also comes with a smart antenna that reduces radio interference and continuously monitors each connection for optimal performance.

Supporting NebulaFlex Pro, the WAX650S (Zyxel’s cloud-based networking solution) can be managed with ZYXEL’s Nebula Control Center (NCC). You can also manage it with the ZYXEL on-prem controller (USGFLEX or VPN firewall) or standalone Access Point. If desired, you can update the configuration of each access point manually. 

And, by pairing this solution with the XS1930-12HP, a ZYXEL switch that supports both multi-gig and 802.3bt connections, you’ll be able to efficiently route the bandwidth you need to your end-users.

How You Can Start Building a Multi-Gig Network With Robust WiFi 6 Capabilities

Whether you own a business, manage a facility, or provide IT services to clients, you need a multi-gig network that meets modern connectivity needs. Go Nimbus, a trusted and value-added provider of ZYXEL Nebula IT solutions, can provide the access points and switches you need to build a robust network.

We can integrate multi-gig capabilities into your existing network or help you design and build the kind of multi-gig infrastructure that supports immersive experiences and delivers greater bandwidth than previous WiFi standards.

At Go Nimbus, we pride ourselves on identifying and integrating the right technologies to solve your business challenges. In addition to ensuring that you can provide high-speed Internet to your customers, we can also help you identify any security applications or other networking solutions to support the integrity of your business. For more information, contact us today to get started on the journey to next-gen connectivity.