Improving the Guest Experience and Hotel Operations with the Aiello Spot

Ensuring hotel guest satisfaction has always been challenging. Responding to all guest inquiries promptly and accurately while providing the ongoing routine services your hotel offers can be difficult, especially during peak season. Yet high guest satisfaction ratings often come from a personal touch: from the impromptu conversation between a front desk staffer and a guest or a staff member handling a particularly complex request effectively.

Operating a hotel in today’s socially distanced world is even more challenging. Front desk staff are managing an influx of pandemic-related reservation changes and evolving STB restrictions, as well as conventional requests, while adapting to new digital systems and processes. As hotel staff adapt, mistakes are inevitable. However, each mistake could cost you a customer, which you can ill-afford in today’s uncertain economic times. It’s also harder to provide the intangibles like personalized service, courtesy, and reliability when hotel staff are masked and maintaining distance from guests. 

However, modern digital technology can significantly augment a hotel’s capacity to provide its guests with reliable service and memorable experiences. Voice assistants have not only simplified many aspects of modern living. They have been tremendously beneficial to individuals managing professional and personal matters and businesses in improving productivity. By equipping your hotel with the Aiello Spot – the voice and touch AI speaker for hotels – you’ll be able to easily leverage this technology to enhance the guest experience and optimize hotel management operations.

Enhancing the Guest Experience

The Aiello Spot is a small, unintrusive device that blends in well with any decor. This smart speaker supplants hotel room landlines for conventional room service functions, such as morning call, front desk inquiries, and room service. While the Spot manages voice commands, guests who download the Aiello Voice Assistant can also request information or services via text using their smartphone or other mobile devices. And Aiello can handle English, Japanese, or Mandarin requests, ensuring your guests’ questions can be answered, and their needs met.

Moreover, the Aiello Spot allows your guests to control their room itself through IoT technology. From turning on the television to turning down the temperature, your guests can establish their preferred environment with a few simple voice commands. The Aiello Spot can also stream music and function as a concierge, allowing guests to book cabs, hear restaurant recommendations and more. In fact, Aiello has read thousands of stories to children during their hotel stays – one of the many ways the AI platform can enhance your guests’ experience.  

Optimizing Hotel Operations

Hotel managers and staff can maintain a contactless and multilingual communications channel with their guests through the Aiello Spot. And when guests download Aiello Assistant to their smartphones, you can maintain open communication with your guests wherever they are during their stay. Because Aiello can handle routing routine guest inquiries to the appropriate staff, the platform saves front desk staff considerable time each day. Rather than being hampered by mundane tasks, front desk staff can have deeper and richer interactions with guests that enhance customer satisfaction. And satisfied hotel customers most often return, which is critical given the pandemic-related challenges the tourism industry currently faces.

Additionally, through in-platform advertising, Aiello Assistant exponentially increases the number of upsell opportunities each month. You can advertise in-hotel services via the mobile platform or through voice responses to frequently asked questions. Moreover, you can establish the attractions Aiello will recommend to guests who inquire about the local surroundings. For example, when a guest asks about local restaurants, Aiello will display or share those you determine, which can help you strengthen your relationships with key local partners. 

Further, the Aiello Spot aggregates user information and requests in real-time into a simple, easy-to-use dashboard that can be integrated with existing hotel management systems. Streamlining this information can help hotel managers and staff identify the kinds of insights about its guests that can help improve customer satisfaction and customer service.

Getting Started with Aiello Spot

If you’re looking to improve your capacity to provide your guests with a superior contactless hotel experience, Go Nimbus can help. We work with hotel operators and MSPs to provide and implement Aiello technology in hotels effectively and efficiently.

As an authorized provider of ZYXEL’s full cloud stack, we have extensive experience working with commercial property managers to deploy secure high-speed, high-density WiFi solutions. We can not only deploy Aiello and integrate it with your existing systems but also make sure you have the hardware and software network solutions to ensure optimal performance. Contact us today to take the first step towards providing a better guest experience and managing your hotel more efficiently and profitably.