Enhancing Network Security with Zyxel’s Newly Cloud Managed ATP Firewalls

One of the most challenging aspects of IT network administration is having to manage disparate legacy systems. As end users’ needs evolve, business leaders sometimes forgo investing in scalable IT infrastructure that can accommodate current and projected future needs. IT admins are then left to upgrade discrete components of their organisation’s network to emerging daily needs.

This piecemeal approach has several drawbacks. Businesses often suffer spotty or slow coverage in specific areas, or the business may suffer from frequent periods of downtime. Patching different solutions together may also create security vulnerabilities a hacker could easily exploit. Further, the operational costs of unifying and managing various wireless technologies can be quite significant, especially when, inevitably, business needs grow in scale and scope.

A business needs unified cloud networking solutions that can not only provide them with the high-speed and reliable WiFi they and their customers need. They also must provide secure WiFi to protect customer data, staff information and trade secrets from cybercriminals, and to minimize any interruptions in online operations. These solutions should be simple to maintain and scale as necessary to handle new consumption requirements efficiently and safely. Some companies, like Zyxel Networks, understand this pain point and are taking steps to make their cloud networking solutions easier to manage and secure.

Integrating ATP Firewalls with Nebula

Zyxel recently announced that its line of premium Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) firewalls will now be integrated with its Nebula Cloud Networking Solution. This announcement means that Zyxel’s firewalls will provide advanced network security to the Nebula cloud network family of access points, switches, and related devices: advanced network security, which can easily be managed through a single, central screen.

Zyxel’s ATP500 firewalls, which are typically used to secure large commercial offices, leverage Threat Intelligence Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to ensure network protection from sophisticated threats and attacks. By syncing daily with all ATP firewalls, other related security assets on the network, and multiple threat databases, each ATP500 firewall is able to learn together to better detect malware attacks in real-time. 

Beyond Threat Intelligence ML, ATP500 firewalls can help you secure your network from outside threats through its Reputation Filter and Intrusion Prevention features. The ATP500’s Reputation Filter continuously scans domain, IP, and URL addresses to ensure that they are not malicious, while the Intrusion Prevention feature performs deep inspections to identify and block exploits and attacks.

The ATP500’s Cloud Sandboxing function is also critical to protecting your cloud assets. By isolating unknown activity and files to determine whether they pose a threat. To mitigate the risk of such threats, admins can prevent inappropriate online use through its Application Patrol and Web Filtering tools as well. Its Geo Enforcer feature can also help admins restrict traffic from high-risk countries and areas.

Simplifying Security Management

As many businesses continue to allow remote work, cybercriminals and hackers are working more feverishly than ever before to exploit network access by remote workers. Zyxel Networks has taken additional steps to support remote work, specifically making its USG20-VPN firewall Nebula-compatible with a firmware update and integrating its SecuExtender VPN client into its Nebula Control Center (NCC).

Zyxel’s integration of SecuExtender with the NCC also improves network security and simplifies its management. When an admin installs SecuExtender on endpoints, such as desktops and laptops, they can provide two-factor and tunnel protection to remote workers. They can also easily and centrally manage cybersecurity at all endpoints through the NCC, ensuring a consistent security policy no matter where workers are located.

Moreover, the company has leveraged the subscription management platform, Circle, to allow SMBs, MSPs and VARs to manage assets and accounts centrally and simply. This move ensures that in-house admins and external providers can find, obtain, and manage the resources they need to support their organisation and clients. And as the cloud networking space continues to evolve, IT professionals need simplified access to the latest high-performance networking and security technologies on the market.

If you’re looking for an end-to-end cloud networking and security solution, the Nebula Cloud Networking Solution is your best bet. Its Nebula family of robust, flexible and scalable networking products can meet a business’ networking needs efficiently and cost-effectively. And to ensure that you select and implement the right Nebula products to meet your organisational needs, Go Nimbus is here to help. If you’re an SMB, MSP, or VAR, take the first step towards a higher-performing, more manageable, and more secure network by contacting us today