How AI-Powered Voice Assistants Are Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

As the pandemic abates and consumers can resume travel, hotels must provide superior customer service to stand out from their competition. Consumers are inundated with hospitality choices, but the hotel that provides its guests with all the services they need at the push of a button or a simple voice request will get them to rebook.

Improving the Customer Experience

AI-powered voice assistants like Aiello are an increasingly important part of providing a memorable hospitality experience. When a guest stays in a room equipped with an assistant like Aiello, they can control their room’s temperature, lighting, television, and other amenities with a simple command.

Guests no longer need to call the front desk for simple inquiries. If they would like to place a room service order, ask for a local restaurant or entertainment suggestions, or adjust their trip logistics, they can do so with a few mere words. They no longer need to call or wait at the front desk for an answer to simple questions. Instead, they can simply get the answers they want in their room at their leisure.

And given that a voice assistant like Aiello leverages AI and machine learning to provide increasingly accurate answers to guest queries over time, guests will find themselves able to access more services and identify more local attractions more quickly and easily. It also leverages natural language processing, which helps it better understand context, jargon, and dialects, allowing it to be more responsive to a broader base of customers.

Empowering guests in this manner allows them to make the most of their trip. And by facilitating their access to all their destination has to offer, hotels can ensure their guests have an unforgettable experience. 

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Moreover, AI-powered voice assistants greatly enhance a hotel’s operational efficiency. Consider the number of routine tasks that a voice assistant can be configured to handle, including:

  • Booking and reservations
  • Pricing questions
  • Room service orders and questions
  • Cab bookings
  • Other common inquiries

When hotel staff are freed from handling these repetitive tasks, they can more efficiently handle complex and high-value tasks. Your front desk staff has the time to connect with guests personally, whether through the kind of conversation with guests that they remember and treasure or through personal touches that make guests feel special.

These personal touches are crucial to a hotel’s customer retention strategy, though skilled hospitality staff ensure their efforts never feel like sales. It’s hard to do so when they are inundated with variations of the same basic set of inquiries every day. A future sale can be lost because an overwhelmed front desk staff member, inundated with those checking in and out and answering questions, was not as courteous as they might otherwise be by the time they got to the sixth or seventh guest in front of them. However, Aiello-powered hotels give hotel staff the time and space to make guests feel truly welcome.

AI-powered voice assistants also collect significant amounts of guest data. Analyzing guest requests and activity data for trends can help hotel managers establish more effective operations. Such data can help hotel managers with:

  • Forecasting demand
  • Troubleshooting demand weakness
  • Targeting specific market segments
  • Improving and personalizing the customer experience
  • Evaluating current and potential guest services

Truly, leveraging this data can provide savvy hotel operators with a definitive competitive advantage. But to do so, you need a leading AI-powered voice assistant like Aiello.

Why Aiello Is the Top Choice of Top Hotels

Aiello’s Intelligent Voice Assistant has been deployed in many hotels throughout Asia, providing more than one million guests with the services they need with a simple query and freeing up hospitality staff from repetitive administrative tasks. In fact, Aiello enables hospitality staff to save up to 20% of their time at the front desk answering routine inquiries, which greatly helps reduce crowds and streamlines the flow of guest traffic near the entrance.

Aiello’s placement in more than 50 branded properties in Asia, including Marriott International IHG Hotels Group, LDC Hotels & Resorts, and many independent boutique hotels, has helped the company learn what hotel operators and guests want. And the continuous refinement of Aiello based on the lessons learned enables it to be the ideal voice assistant for the hospitality industry. 

Are you looking to enhance your guest experience and operational efficiency? Deploying Aiello in your hotel is the right move. With a simple deployment, you can improve the customer experience, empower staff, and collect insights that can help your operation in the short term and the long term.

If you have questions about Aiello or need the services of a trusted systems integrator that has experience implementing Aiello in hotels, contact us at Go Nimbus. We’d be happy to help you better understand the applications and benefits of Aiello’s Intelligent Voice Assistant and deploy and configure it for your unique hospitality needs.