Nebula Cloud Controller (NCC)​

One dashboard to manage firewalls, switches and access points through the free¹ cloud controller. 

Nebula Cloud Controller provides an intuitive interface that allows to you configure, manage, and troubleshoot deployments remotely, all within a single pane of glass

¹ Limited features available on free tier

High Assurance Multi-layered Protection

USG FLEX is designed with multi-layer protection against multiple types of threats from in and out. Multiple security services empower you to restrict users’ inappropriate application usage or web access. Zyxel offers leading-industry DNS content filter, eliminating blind spots in all encrypted traffic with TLS 1.3 without the need to deploy SSL inspection. All together safeguarding your network without any unattended gaps.

On top of traditional UTM, ATP series firewall also includes


Sandboxing isolates unknown files and identifies if they are new malware types that conventional static security mechanism cannot detect, ensuring network security against zero-day attacks.